Monday, August 5, 2013

'Teen Wolf' 3.10 "The Overlooked" Review

There’s a heartbreaking moment in tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf, ‘The Overlooked’ where in the midst of this ongoing chaos the full emotional onslaught of his situation starts to break Stiles down. He’s alone in an ambulance with Cora Hale who’s not long for the world at the rate of tar-like black vomit she’s hacking up, at least when she actually is conscious enough to do so. A sudden storm has overtaken Beacon Hills and turned the local hospital into a warzone of the first degree as the nearly empty environment plays host to a cat and mouse series of showdowns involving our heroes, the Alpha pack, and Jenny the Darach. Yes, Derek even knows and she’s still alive to saunter around but let’s get back to Stiles before I go off about that. With tears in his eyes and the closest thing he’s likely felt to a sense of defeat in his heart in a while, Stiles tells Cora that maybe she was right about him and about the others--maybe they really only do show up in time to find the bodies.

In that moment it’s clear that Stiles is referring the most about himself than he is anyone else in their group. Scott the werewolf, Allison the hunter, Lydia the banshee, and now and forever Stiles the human. A situation like his kidnapped father would have served to make Stiles feel helpless enough, but tonight he and the others were coerced by Darach Jenny into helping her get out of dodge before she would reveal the location of Sheriff Stilinski or help heal Cora.