Monday, June 4, 2012

Teen Wolf 2.02 'Shape Shifted' Recap

By the very nature of the word 'recap' there are spoilers throughout.

Teen Wolf’s second episode wastes no time diving into the home life of new character Isaac. As if the mystery black eye wasn’t enough of a hint to what that’s like, we were given the full-on movie of the week treatment as Isaac’s father became increasingly angry when demanding to know all of his son’s current grades. When they were not up to his standards things got really theatrical really fast as his father smashed up dishes for Isaac to clean up, alongside threats of ‘taking this downstairs’.

Teen Wolf 2.01 'Omega' Recap

Since it’s Teen Wolf’s regular night, and Sundays are crazy-full TV nights for me, I watched the repeat of the premiere as well as the new episode to recap them both. You can find the recap for Shape Shifted here. By the very nature of the word ‘recap’ beware of spoilers for both ‘Omega’ and ‘Shape Shifted’.  Previously on Teen Wolf: Scott’s relationship with Allison has gone into hiding because of her hunter family being a bunch of sadistic jackasses, Jackson and Lydia both were dealing with some strange supernatural confrontations, and Derek is the new Alpha on the block.