Thursday, February 16, 2012

Revenge: Death on the Beach and A New Chapter Begins

In a word, I approve.

*There are spoilers here, tread lightly*

Those were the closing words of Victoria Grayson’s speech at her son Daniel’s engagement party, and they also describe my personal feelings toward this heart-stopping tense hour of television. Let me be clear that I’m sad to see the person go whose body it wound up being on the beach in the pilot episode’s cliffhanger that saw us through to this point, but it’s definitely an excellent choice for the creators to have made for future story purposes. All the awards go to this creative team and the network that supported them enough to maintain one helluva of a mystery throughout most of this freshman drama’s duration. But now that almost all of the cards are on the table, a new chapter of Revenge can begin once we discuss the events of 'Chaos'. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For Southland's John Cooper, It Got Better

*Spoilers for the latest episode, 'Legacy'*

"I got a lot of problems kid, being gay isn't one of them."

Over the past four seasons Officer John Cooper has been Southland’s most intriguingly guarded character. Every other character has had their personal lives delved into directly either in the form of story-lines such as Sammy’s marriage falling apart or the scenes that involve Lydia and her mother. But John was always more of an enigma and one that Ben Sherman, his trainee, tried to illuminate for himself and for viewers. It wasn’t until the show began its new life on TNT that we really got the chance to get down and dirty with who John Cooper really was.