Friday, September 23, 2011

The Vampire Diaries 3.2 Review

*This Review Contains Spoilers*
The Hybrid included everything you could ever want in an episode of The Vampire Diaries.  Featuring epic bromance, hybrid hijinx, daddy issues, tantalizing twists, and ghostly girlfriends this episode was not one that disappointed.

There was a lot of Alaric in this episode which I was very very pleased to see.  Not only because I adore Matt Davis and he was so under-used last season, but because it also meant the episode was slathered with a ton of Damon and Alaric bromance.  First of all Alaric assumes it’s Damon knocking at his apartment door, thus answering it topless and with his pants undone.  Secondly, calling Damon to let him know where he and Elena were headed off to so they could have some backup.  Did they even need the back-up?  Alaric needs to get over his alcohol problem and realize that he is a very vital and powerful person in his own right.  He knows how to take down both vampire and werewolf and has invented and implemented amazing devices to do so.  With John Gilbert’s ring back in his possession at least we know it won’t be a vampire or something supernatural that will kill him this season -- unless they chop his fingers off.

I like Elena as the female lead of the series, she doesn’t take things lying down and this episode really showcased that.  She could be off moping somewhere about Stefan, but she remains a woman of action, determined to find and save him from himself.  Some people are going to call her stupid and reckless, which to me seems like a Gilbert trait as not only did her father have it so does Jeremy.   But she is able to take stock of a situation and will get out if someone she cares about is in possible danger -- or she just doesn’t want anymore deathbed kisses from Damon.  She does however, need to listen to Ric and Damon’s warnings to her that Klaus can’t know she’s alive, especially with the revelation that she could very well be the reason he can’t make more hybrids.

When I first heard that our favorite hybrid, Klaus, was going to have some troubles making other little hybrids of his own, I sat down and tried to work out what reason could be behind it.  Of course, the obvious answer to that question was staring us all right in the face, he may have broken his own curse but he didn’t kill the doppelganger, at least not permanently.  After trying and failing to create his own family of comrades, it was good to see the ever-cool and calm Klaus break down and get upset over it.  I’m not entirely sure he’s simply building an army, it’s what he wants Stefan to think, he’s probably trying to make a family for himself to replace all those he has daggered and stored away.  Also, maybe it’s the fangirl in me, but I’d have liked to have seen Stefan just drink directly from Klaus’ wrist to heal this wolf-bite instead of him draining his blood into an empty beer bottle.

Even with John Gilbert dead and buried, the town of Mystic Falls can’t seem to escape its daddy issues with the arrival of Bill, played by Jack Coleman.  If you were ever on the show Heroes, it seems you’re destined to come on the show and play the father to one of the main cast members who really hates vampires, or die in some grizzly manner -- or both!  Bill is Caroline’s father which if you recall from season one divorced her mother to move off and live with his boyfriend, so this marks the first official gay character on The Vampire Diaries.  Speaking of parental issues, it was great that Tyler’s mom was let in on the fact that her son was a werewolf and after witnessing it first-hand, reacted in a very favorable way, even trying to call Bill off from doing anything to Caroline.  Here’s hoping that Bill will accept the fact his daughter is a vampire, or he’s going to end up dead by the end of the next episode.

However the biggest shock and twist of the episode didn’t come from any of the above parties, it came from the unlikely duo of Jeremy and Matt.  After Vicki’s ghost asked for his help in the last episode Jeremy goes to Matt for his help to try and connect with her again.  Matt is, of course, reluctant but in the end they do get together and Vicki shows up, but only to Jeremy.  I almost jumped out of my chair when she told him that he can help her come back.  What does that mean?  Can the dead be resurrected?  Can dead vampires be resurrected?  Will the show actually go there?  Still reeling. I did jump out of my chair when Anna showed up a moment later telling him to not trust Vicki.  Jeremy, you have a lot more problems then just seeing your dead girlfriends, because it seems like they’re both on very different teams.  Maybe you should give your witch girlfriend Bonnie a call and let her know exactly what’s going on before these ghosts break all your windows.

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