Sunday, May 5, 2013

'Revenge' Review 2.20 - "Engagement"

Nothing says love like draining your beloved’s worst enemy of their entire life savings!
 Lots of shit went down with Aidan tonight, so much so I’d be shocked if he survives the finale.  The big thing is he kills Takeda, but really it was kill or be killed there as Takeda has his own batch of secrets.  I wonder what his agenda with them really was, and if he truly was working to end the Initiative.  But it seems clear that he was using Aidan and Emily as tools, despite his claims that the road to revenge is one you walk alone.  He also comes fairly clean to Nolan about how his revenge brought him no peace and it was really great to see Nolan join him to try and help Emily realize the same thing.  Of course Ems isn’t ready to understand that, not by a long shot.

The one time Emily seemed to come close to wanting to drop everything was for Jack last season. That was stalled by Amanda coming back pregnant, something that Jack learns tonight, compliments of Victoria.  I need Tywin Lannister of Game of Thrones to sit Jack and Ashley down and tell them that they’re not as clever as they think they are.  Especially Jack who plays the damn tape with the evidence that he has against Conrad being involved in Amanda’s death.  Victoria has played him like a fiddle, she’ll do what it takes to protect her family and ensure that Conrad wins governor. Especially after his wife calls the position a death sentence.

It also seems that Victoria’s interest in finding her son may not be so pure, if the Falc0n is to be trusted.  She allegedly paid her then fifteen year old son a cool five million to disappear when he came looking for her back in the 90’s.  Either her mind has changed or the Falc0n has it wrong and someone else paid the kid to vanish. I’m looking at you Conrad.

Speaking of bastard children, no I’m not talking about you Jon Snow, I’m talking about the bun in Charlotte’s oven.  It’s apparently why she’s suddenly lashing out, but why is she also lashing out at Declan?  Charlotte and Declan are always the odd men out on the show and their story lines are often poorly handled, so we’ll see if this actually leads anywhere interesting for either of them.

Forget the baby and wedding drama, because shit really goes down at the end of the episode and I’m pretty sure it’s all Aidan’s fault.  It appears that Carrion was set to activate in the event that the Grayson’s fund was drained.  So in his attempt to help free Emily, Aidan insead may have just caused quite a bit of mayhem to go down.

Next week is the two hour season finale, and SPOILER ALERT someone who’s been around since the pilot is apparently going to die.  Not that other people who haven't been around as long might not be in mortal danger as well--seriously Aidan I’m worried about you hon.  Judging from the promo, Emily might finally tell Jack the truth and if she does then I think it’ll cause far more fall out than Carrion.

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