Thursday, May 2, 2013

'The Vampire Diaries' 4.21 Review - "She's Come Undone"

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was torture... I don’t mean for Elena, I mean for me as an audience member.
 They’ve been building this up for weeks, this idea of the meddling Salvatore duo deciding to torture Elena to get what they want out of her.  Each brother only wants Elena a certain way and it’s been clear all season even when her emotions weren’t turned off that  apparently if they only love you one way they’ll be annoying assholes until you are that way again.  Season four is the season that I turned fully against both Salvatore brothers. In past seasons I’ve loved and hated both of them but united against their shared on-off girlfriend, they’re just insufferable douchebags.  Elena’s journey as a vampire has been marred this season with the uber focus in every story on the love triangle. It’s such a shame as it could have been a real opportunity to use it as an allegory about finishing High School, cutting ties with childhood friends, and moving on while Elena figured out what her identity would be now. Too bad they’d need a better writing team who’s less focused on romance to pull that kind of thing off.

This episode in particular, which is supposed to make the audience feel the same pain as Elena does, is devoid of anything real even when Elena turns her humanity back on.  To get her emotional footing again she focused on her hatred of Katherine.  To be fair, Katherine has done far more to Elena personally than other frequent scapegoat Klaus ever has when he briefly took one corner of the triangle away from her (Stefan and his much-missed rippah days) so at least that’s something.  At this point, however, most fans really don’t like Elena and have adored Katherine since her flashy debut at the end of season one.  Even though recently Dobrev’s acting has gotten so lazy that you can’t tell the difference between turned off Elena and Katherine if you’re not looking at the screen. So it’s hard to root for one of them to survive a pending showdown.

Meanwhile, Katherine forges an alliance with Bonnie, aka the only character this season kicking ass and taking names.  Bonnie is going to bring down the wall and let Silas take the cure and die, so we’ll be seeing many an old face again and this could possibly put a kink in Elena’s plan.  Let’s say Bonnie has no intention of paying Katherine back by making her truly immortal.  With the wall down wouldn’t  Katherine just come right back if killed?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

On the Klaroline front, fans were trolled again by a misleading promotional photo where it seemed like Klaus was going to lay one on her out in the woods. Let’s be real, Klaus looked pissed in that photo and if you couldn’t see that then you’re blind.  Surprise!  Klaus isn’t back in town and it’s Silas instead. Hilarious that the writers may have finally found a group of people to truly be invested enough in the fuckery of Silas’s antics to want him dead, Klaroline fans.  We also almost lost Sheriff Forbes, which honestly might have been the last straw for Caroline to make her leave town. She’s back though because the humans on this show always wind up through circumstances just as immortal as anything else.

I know that a lot of people are still pissed about the baby twist from last week’s episode, but at least there was more entertainment value there.  At this point I’d much rather deal with supernatural baby drama on a regular basis than suffer the triangle (or any of the other romance stories) on the mothership any further. We still have two episodes left this season and anything could happen.  But at this point I just don’t think the show has it in it to surprise or thrill me anymore.  

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