Friday, July 29, 2011

Slash Focus: Godric/Eric

In this new weekly, or whenever I feel like it, column on FBF I'll be putting the spotlight on a slash pairing (that's two dudes unless it's femslash then it's two ladies) that I feel needs notice because of its pure awesomeness. I love slash, it really hooked me into being active in various fandoms and the more attention the pairings can get, the better. *Disclaimer: Rachel will kick my ass if I imply she doesn't ship any slash pairings at all. She does. But this is my column.*

This week's inaugural ship is from the HBO series, True Blood.
Back in season two, Eric's Maker was talked about as a vampire sheriff who had gone missing. One could only imagine the sort of creature that created the smirkishly sadistic Viking vampire who had really become a highlight of the series by that time. Seeing that it was a small, boyish looking vampire was something of a shock--a delightful one for sure though as it definitely bucked expectations. There are few things that create a stronger bond than the relationship between a maker and his childe, so let's take a closer look at the history and highlights of Godric/Eric.

Is It Canon?
Godric and Eric have shared screen-time and their intimacy is very evident. When Godric ended his own life it is the most viscerally upset we've ever seen Eric be on the show. Obviously there's a love and respect there, but as far as it being taken to a sexual context it's less clear if the two have ever done the deed. Although from seeing Eric engage in same-sex activity with Talbot in season three--it's certainly not beyond the realm of possibility.

The Meet (Meat?)-Cute
 Some people politely ask for time alone to better acquaint themselves with a crush. Godric ripped the throats out of Eric's remaining Viking comrades to ensure this special intimate time with Eric. After a quick sales pitch, and series of compliments-- Godric gave the nearly-dead Eric the gift of the thing he loves most in the world: life. What a thoughtful feral vampire.

One For the History Books
There aren't a lot of relationships that last for a thousand-plus years, but that's certainly the case with these two. It seems that at least until the middle of the twentieth century these two were very tight as Godric taught Eric the vampiric ropes. Plus because they've been together for so long they likely have an endless amount of stories. We've only really seen that wacky time they pretended to be Nazi soldiers in order to seek out the vampire leader of a werewolf cult. Pick a major moment in history either European or American and it's entirely possible that these two were there to experience it.

Memorable Quotes
Godric: I watched you on the battlefield last night. I never saw anyone fight like you.
Eric: I would fight you now if I could.
Godric: I know. It's beautiful.
Eric: What are you waiting for? Kill me.
Godric: Could you be a companion of death? Could you walk with me through the world? Through the dark? I'll teach you all I know. I'll be your father, your brother, your child.
Eric: ...What is in it for me?
Godric: What you love most... life.
Eric: Life...

[After a confrontation with fellow vampire Stan in which he accused him of wanting Godric's power and position and would murder him for it.]
Eric: In the meantime, you two can stand here and quibble over his position...Run into that church and kill them all--I no longer care. [He turns away from Stan and Isabel so they cannot see the blood tear creeping down his cheek] If Godric is gone, nothing will bring back what I have lost.

Eric: You taught me there is no right or wrong, only survival or death.

Eric: I will keep you alive by force
Godric: Even if you could, why would you be so cruel?
Eric: [breaking down into tears] Godric, don't do it!
Godric: There are centuries of faith and love between us.

Ghost!Godric: You cannot be saved. You are a creature of death, and the living are good for only one thing--and it is not love.

Happily Ever After?
Well, first they became sheriffs for different areas in different states. Then their reunion was short-lived, and incredibly crushing for Eric as his maker chose to meet the sun after having grown weary of the World and his own impossible existence. This tragic loss had a great effect on Eric as he mourned his maker by trying to keep himself well-occupied. First with an Estonian stripper from Fangtasia, and secondly to finish what he and Godric had started together when he learned that Russell Edgington was the vamp they'd been looking for back in World War II.  But Godric seems to still be with Eric after a run-in with a dangerous ancient witch left him without the majority of his memories--Godric recently manifested in a dream sequence as something of the evil still within Eric's mind. Last season he appeared as a sort of nagging conscience, so it appears that even beyond the true death that the bond between them will not fade.

Why They're Awesome
With these two, it's all chemistry. Their actors, Allan Hyde and Alexander Skarsgard had instant palpable chemistry from the get-go. And it's likely because of this and the fan response that Allan has been back so often even though his character has long since perished. Not to mention except for Godric, there is no one that Eric Northman respects in such an awe-filled way.

And if slash isn't your thing, you can go ahead and get Godric a muffin basket as the ordeal of Godric's death and aftermath of his haunting have put Sookie into Eric's arms. Watching Eric deal with the death of his Maker gave Sookie the opportunity to glimpse another side of a man she thought was just a bastard. Her being there to comfort him as he faced the cold truth of his brutal past in the form of what is now already an infamous dream sequence in season four, let them both find comfort in each other--hey even killer vampires need comfort after bad dreams too. All I can say is I hope there are plenty more flashbacks to come as I want to see more of the good ol' days between Eric and Godric, in addition to the fact that I'm curious as to where exactly it started to go all wrong.

Have a different favorite True Blood slash pairing, or wish to suggest the next pairing to focus on? Leave a comment below and check back next week to see who gets the next Slash Focus!


  1. Please include this as one of the memorable quotes (it's one of my Tumblr posts). It really shows how much Eric loves Godric ;)

  2. I like this post, I like this post a lot. I will ship these two until the end of my TB fangirl days. Thanks for putting this together. :)

  3. Godric was my favorite character, and I WROTE True Blood at HBO
    to continue the story between Godric, and Eric when they were Vampires
    thru the centuries. However, they drop the ball, and I'm glad your
    site keeps their relationship alive. Bring Godric back.