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True Blood 4.05 "Me and The Devil" Review

*This Review Contains Spoilers* 

The dead are back and causing all sorts of trouble in this week’s episode of True Blood, “Me and the Devil.”  From the spirits of dead witches, murderers, vampires, and loved ones I was kept on the edge of my seat in an episode that was over so fast I was convinced I’d taken a side trip through fairyland!

“You know when I was a kid and I was home sick from school, my two favorite TV shows were Sabrina and Charmed!  Gods honest!”
Sookie takes matters into her own hands this week and takes the initiative to seek out Marnie on her own.   As much as she may like this new Eric, it’s clear to her that he needs to be fixed sooner rather than later before one of them does something they’ll regret.  One of my favorite moments of the episode was Gran talking to Sookie directly through Marnie’s mind, telling her granddaughter that she’s in danger and she needs to get out now.  This is a big reason why I love genre television, because characters who have died show up again in new and surprising ways. Of course that isn’t the only thing Gran has to say, she tells Sookie not to get attached to this Eric, it’s only temporary.

“I always knew there was decency in you, even when you were a smug sarcastic ass.”
Speaking of Eric, before Sookie went to the Magic Box, I mean... the Moon Goddess Emporium, we got the treat of seeing his maker, Godric, again in the form of a very aggressive dream.  Not only was it great to see Godric again, it was wonderful to see him the way he surely was centuries ago. Eric isn’t as fond of this Godric as I am, and that sends him up into Sookie’s room for comfort as he’s soon reduced to tears, wondering how he can miss someone he can’t remember.  That crisis averted, the next night he manages to create a new one for he and Sookie as he walks out of his cubby and into a conversation she’s having with Tara -- who he tried to take a chunk out of before the spell was cast. However she’s not as badass without her gun, Eric easily disarms her of a hastily grabbed fireplace poker.  Admittedly, every reason Tara points out is a valid one for why Sookie shouldn't be protecting him, but she won’t give her friend the benefit of the doubt as to why she is.  Eric’s also disturbed by the revelations of the things he’s done and chooses to leave Sookie to not cause her any more pain.  This of course leads to a moment the Sookie/Eric shippers have been waiting for,  when she stops him and they share a passionate kiss on her front porch.  Admittedly the romance feels a bit rushed, but she’s always had some interest in Eric no matter how much she’d protest, or remind herself he’s an awful person so she can’t possibly be interested.

“Insanity comes with the job.”
Down the road from Sookie’s house, King Bill wastes very little time in dealing with Portia, who still wants to pursue a sexual relationship with him.  Ew.  Thank God he recognized she wouldn’t back down so glamouring was needed, of course he might have went a bit far with implanting the urge in her to run away screaming every time she sees him.  So much for their business relationship!  After the decomposing Pam shows up at his door, he finally decides to bring Marnie in.  Poor Pam, this is the most off her game and vulnerable we’ve ever seen her, even being tortured by the Magister last year barely made her flutter an eyelash.  While Marnie doesn’t know anything about reversing the spells, we learn a little more about Antonia-- the spirit who continues to use her as a conduit.  Turns out back in the year 1610 she made every vampire in a twenty mile radius wake and walk outside into the sun as she was being burned.  So it’s very clear why the history buff Bill would be especially worried about any necromancers, but he continues to refuse to take action and simply kill her.  This sends Pam into a fury and she lets just a bit too much slip, including the location of Eric.  Bill is going to burst into Sookie’s house just as she and Eric are getting hot and heavy next week, no doubt about that.

“Gators love marshmallows, you should know that.”
After playing possum following last week’s cliffhanger, Tommy springs into action and fights back against his father, killing him.  Both completely had it coming, but it was heartbreaking when Tommy realized during the fray he killed his momma-- the last piece of family he actually cared about.  Thankfully, when he turns to Sam to help him, he does and they both head off to get rid of the bodies.  When Andy pulls the van over things get tense, but Tommy manages to think on his feet and shift into an alligator to scare him off.  Why didn’t Tommy shift into something to get away from his father?  He could have been a fly and zipped right off, but I suppose family can keep you from thinking clearly.  After they finally dispose of the bodies in the swamp, Sam comforts the distraught Tommy with the knowledge he’s not the only one who has killed people and he shouldn't be so scared he’s going to go to Hell.  However, knowing Tommy this new moment of brotherly bonding won’t last very long.

“You know who loves this?  Hoyt.”
Free from Hotshot and back in fighting shape it’s clear that Jason isn’t going to tell anyone besides Hoyt about what happened to him.  But the experience does make him look back and realize that everything bad that’s happened to him was because of sex.  As Keysha noted in her review for “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?” -- Jason also believes what happened was Karmic retribution from God for all the womanizing he’s ever done.  Could we be seeing a more celibate Jason from now on?  Only time will tell, but not in this episode as he has the best vampire blood induced sex dream yet.  Even when he realizes it’s a dream as soon as Jessica crawls up onto him, it goes horribly and hilariously wrong.  First she goes on and on about Hoyt, then Hoyt shows up to give him hell about it, and then finally she turns into Hoyt!  A vision that very well may send him onto the path to celibacy.

“You hear that Rene?  God’s coming for you.”
Picking up from last week’s wall-writing incident, Arlene and Terry decide to call upon a higher power to help them deal with what they assume to be the ghost of Rene.  This humorously brings in Reverend Daniels and Lettie Mae, Tara’s once alcoholic and possessed mother who’s now married to the reverend.  They work the house over with their songs and sage and everything seems to be back to normal.  We of course know that’s not true as a book of matches spontaneously ignites in their bedroom as Terry and Arlene snuggle and prepare to sleep.  I was glad Arlene wasn’t blaming the baby for everything as I feared she would and I really want to know what exactly we’re dealing with here.

“Nice boots, why don’t you point them that way friend.”
In the ‘we’re setting up these threads for next week’ category, Lafayette and Jesus are headed to Mexico to seek guidance from Jesus’ grandfather.  Grandpa brujo thought the best birthday present ever for his nine year old grandchild would be a blood sacrifice involving a goat.  While this scared the shit out of Jesus, looking back he’s realized he’s never felt more power than in that moment and that’s exactly what they need right now.  Sliding over to Shreveport we meet their completely non-threatening pack master, Marcus.  Perhaps I’m underselling him, but watching him square off with Alcide almost made me laugh at how unevenly matched the two are.  You’d need an actor with a real presence to make me worry that they’ll cause any trouble for someone like Joe Manganiello.

This episode gets high marks from me, but we’ve still not reached the climax of the season.  It’s only a matter of time before we no longer deal with Marnie, and when it’s all Antonia you know shit is going to hit the fan!  Season 4 continues to be True Blood at the very best it can be, with not one story thread making me wish I could fast-forward through it.

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  1. lol the Moon Goddess Emporium looks almost exactly like the Magic Box.. glad it's not just me.