Saturday, May 31, 2014

Flash Fact: These trailers are awesome!

Unless you don't have TV or any social media accounts, it was probably pretty hard to escape the deluge of people talking about the trailers for The Flash over the last couple weeks. The first one debuted during the Arrow season finale, was a great little teaser, titled with the hashtag #DontBlink. Haven't seen it yet? Here!

In just a minute, that trailer managed to get people excited enough for The Flash, as well as the interactions between the title characters in that and Arrow. And if that wasn't enough, the next day, we got a full teaser trailer. No minute-long nonsense this time -- this one is over five minutes long, featuring plenty of footage that looks like it'll all be in the series pilot!

This show looks like it will be everything I'm hoping for, and then some. There's a glimpse of Reverse-Flash (for those who aren't familiar with comics, and don't know what speedster would wear a yellow suit), it looks like Weather Wizard will be the primary villain in the pilot, and this trailer sets up a reason for super powers to exist in the same world as the mostly-grounded Arrow series.

Make sure to check out these trailers, and The Flash series when it debuts on Tuesdays this fall!

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