Monday, October 8, 2012

'Revenge' 2.02 Resurrection Review

On this week’s Revenge we once again see that you can’t keep Emily Thorne down, even if absolutely nothing is going according to plan.

As we learned last week Victoria Grayson is still very much alive, and in this episode we find out that her plan is to take Charlotte and get out of the country, new identities and all. (Veronica and Samantha Clarke, well I appreciated that touch White Haired Man, even if Victoria didn’t.)  But of course Emily isn’t going to let her take her sister and disappear.  This is where pretty much everything that can go wrong for our heroine does.  She decides she’s going to try to splinter the relationship between Victoria and Charlotte, including taking her out of rehab and to Victoria so the queen bee can find out that Conrad has taken all of Charlotte’s inheritance money from her.  The money that they very much need to pay the white haired man and get away.  

She also uses Amanda to help try to pry Charlotte and Victoria apart as Emily reveals to Charlotte that not only is her half sister back in town, she’s pregnant.  Which I loved the whole back and forth who’s the daddy drama of this episode.  When she came to Emily so she could ensure the results were positive I wasn’t sure if we’d find out in the episode what the truth really was.  It puts things on a very different level to know that Jack really is the father and to have Emily privately tell Amanda that he’s not.  As Nolan said, that’s a whole new level of darkness there.

When Victoria finds out Conrad’s taken Charlotte’s inheritance and she’s very much up a river without a paddle she does something that Emily couldn’t have seen coming.  Victoria calls Conrad and lets him know she’s alive then she concocts a scheme that not only gets her away from the white haired man and back into Grayson manor, but it also gets Conrad out of all the financial trouble he’s been in with an excuse as to why he needed to get his hands on Charlotte’s half of the inheritance.  

Now the question is: would Emily have been able to prevent it had she known that this was happening?  She’d left a very pants-less Nolan on Victoria watch duty and he gets pulled away right at the crucial moment.  Pulled away by Padma, a member of Nolcorp’s financial team, who’s been teased as Nolan’s love interest for the season.  As of right now I’m not really digging them together as a couple in terms of chemistry, but I admire her spunk to track Nolan down to try and get him to name a CFO for Nolcorp.  Of course, even if his company is under audit Nolan doesn’t want to let loose of any of his control over it so he wants Padma, who’s just an accounting analyst, to take the job of CFO herself.  The fact that he shows back up at the house after their meeting means she likely relented and took the job so we’ll see how this relationship develops from there.

But because Emily didn’t get the heads up about Victoria’s backup plan she does something crazy--she turns to the white haired man.  She naturally has the footage of Conrad and Victoria setting up the place to look like she’d been held there against her will thanks to the still in place Clam Cam, and she offers it to him in exchange for information about her mother.  So we find out that mommy dearest is in all likelihood still alive, however the white haired man isn’t going to tell her everything. He tackles her to the floor, and tries to kill her until our still unnamed associate of Takeda shows up (his name is Aiden but the show hasn’t yet said it out loud) and puts a bullet in his back.

So it seems as though one of the last people who knows anything about what happened to Emily’s mother will be taking that information to the grave.  Which leaves just one person left who might have some idea: Victoria.  Will Emily be able to get the information from her and reunite with her darling mother, or will Emily’s best laid plans continue to fall apart?  I suppose we’ll find out next week.

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