Sunday, January 13, 2013

'Revenge' 211 "Sabotage" Review

This week on Revenge we learned that if you’re going to spend a million dollars on wine, you should probably taste it first.

Holy shitballs, Padma is working for the Initiative?  It makes me feel less bad about about not being a fan of hers all along, but the question remains as to how long she was in it.  Is this recent blackmail or something deeper?  I also don’t think Marco is as clean as he claims to be,I mean for all I know they’re working together. What better way to keep Nolan’s eyes off the real prize?  If Padma has been in since day one then we’re witnessing a situation like Emily and Daniel were in during season one but from the angle of the person being deceived instead which is kind of cool.

Either way pulling Nolan in deeper with the initiative is a good thing since this season needs more of Nolan. Tonight’s best moments were courtesy of our favorite techno mage including a little Bond and Q moment between he and Aidan which only added fuel to my shipping fire between the pair.  I like seeing Nolan with someone who’s on par with his level of snark--something Tyler brought in season one--Aidan and Nolan’s back and forth has this quality in spades when they have a scene together.

Well when Aidan isn’t being emo about Emily’s insistence she get back in with Daniel.  He’s got a jealous little thing when it comes to her, and it’s probably going to end up biting them all in the ass.  Emily certainly cares for him more than she ever did Daniel and it shows, but Aidan’s going to continue to be blinded by jealousy and never see it.  Also, if Aidan’s sister is indeed alive then blood may run much thicker than water, or wine if we’re borrowing from the big get-together of the episode.

I was extraordinarily excited to see Ashley come back into the picture without her tail between her legs.  It’ll be interesting to see how Daniel takes it when he finds out she’s back working for his father, but I really don’t care because Ashley and Conrad have great chemistry and we all know it.  I’m digging Conrad dipping his toes into the political arena and it could certainly take the show in an interesting direction as the season continues to unfold.

This unfolding is trying to pull everyone and their father (literally) into the Stowaway storyline.  I was delighted to see that Amanda was fully prepared to get her murder on, and I’m not convinced that Ashley stopping her just in the nick of time will keep it from happening anyway.  I’m still on Team ‘it’s going to be the Ryan brothers in the wreckage of the Stowaway’ after all.

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