Sunday, January 20, 2013

'Revenge' 212 Review - "Collusion"

This week on Revenge someone slips up big time, a character puts way too much stock in a video, Daniel makes me really uncomfortable and the Stowaway storyline refuses to go away.

NEWSFLASH! Nolan Ross isn’t a dumbass!  Yes, this week he realized that Padma’s intentions weren’t as pure as he’d hoped when a minor slip-up caused him to realize she was after the Carrion program.  To make things even more delicious he’s going to play right into her hand by giving her what I assume to be a fake program.   Nolan may actually be the key to crack into the Initiative, so much for scheming and muscle!  I’d also assume from the slip that Padma is quite the pawn in the Initiative's game, but what exactly are they holding over her to get her to do this? I’d assume that, like Aidan, they are holding someone important to her hostage.

Aidan’s sister apparently died again this week because he didn’t deliver Victoria’s head on a platter.  Of course who knows if that was his sister in the first place, when the video was shot, or if she’s really dead.  There are plenty of drugs that can make someone appear to be dead.  So of course he’s decidedly pissed at Emily which brings me to the big moral question of whose quest is more noble?  Emily is fighting for the honor of a dead man while Aidan was trying to rescue his sister.  Victoria’s death isn’t what Emily wants or needs so she stops Aidan. If it was any other character the bullet might have hit its target without a problem, but I doubt the end video Aidan received would be any different. It’s obvious she truly cares for Aidan but her quest for revenge always takes first place over everything else.


I cannot say how uncomfortable I was tonight at Daniel’s consistent attempts to get back in the bone-zone with Emily.  Which only became more uncomfortable when Daniel admitted he assumed his mother was probably behind her rekindling things with him and wanted to see how far she’d go.  Little does he know how far she will go to get what she wants, but it was still super creepy.  I doubt it’s going to cease even after the little confession, but now that Aidan has flown the coop things might progress as Daniel would like.

If we’re talking about progress that no one likes it seems like the Ryans might be around for longer than I first assumed.  With Conrad entertaining the idea of getting into bed with them to pursue turning the waterfront into a casino.  Ahhh politics and gambling always go hand in hand.  Don’t expect that one brother will be around for much longer, what with his disagreement and the fact that he’ll be heading back to work on Teen Wolf.


Sadly, we have to wait three weeks until a new episode, and the promo left us with quite a bit to chew on.  It alleges that the arm in the boat belongs to someone who is going to make the ultimate sacrifice for Emily.  Which narrows the field down quite significantly to either Nolan or Aidan considering the arm is a male arm and I doubt it will end up being Jack. Nolan is about as bulletproof as Emily and Victoria so the victim will likely be Aidan. Of course we won’t find out for sure until the 14th episode of the season, four weeks from tonight.

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  1. The hand on the boat was wearing a ring... my guess is Jack! He's pretty much useless to the show. He's proved his completely stupid...Emily could do so much better