Thursday, February 21, 2013

'The Vampire Diaries' 415 Review "Stand by Me"

So last week on The Vampire Diaries I missed the memo that Jeremy is now considered a full-on supernatural being, considering he’s one of the Five and all.
 So his magic ring is pretty much null and void, but I really doubt this is going to be the last we’ll see of him.  Bonnie has a plan that will apparently make that bit possible but more on Bonnie later.  Let’s focus on the plan, twelve more people need to die and then the triangle is complete and Bonnie can rip the veil off the other side.  Which will not only bring back Jeremy but every other supernatural being that has died.  Now wouldn’t that be a hell of a season five?  All the past players we loved and hated would return, Kol and Finn would be alive and able to join the rest of the Originals on the spin off.  But would it be pulling the death has no stakes rule, not that they haven’t already stomped on it more times than fellow genre show Heroes, which bent the rules of life and death ever did (and got a lot of flack for it), ever did yet I never see TVD get called out on it.

Beyond that the plan is squarely set to make everyone angry at Bonnie again.  Probably because they know if Elena championed this quest for murder everyone would continue to hate the shit out of her.  Because remember, what Elena wants goes above anything anyone else wants.  So instead Bonnie and Shane are going to work to complete the triangle and nix the barrier to the other side. Well not the real Shane but that was a weak twist when I was saying that it wasn’t really him the entire episode; it remains to be seen if it’s really Silas or a figment of Bonnie’s imagination.  I’m leaning toward the latter as I’m sure when they cast him he’ll be some young hunk.

Of course the plan hopefully won’t need a body considering they just burned the Gilbert house down.  When they first stopped Elena, I was disappointed as that really would have been interesting so I was actually glad they did end up going through with it.  Of course it happened anyway but only after Elena was ordered to turn off her emotions because once again by Damon because he just always knows fucking best in these situations, right? If the result was the same no matter what, the Gilbert house going up in flames, then what was the point of having Damon step in? Well it did stop that overacting tirade Elena was on so at least that’s something.

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