Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Want to see Peter Petrelli as a vampire? Of course you do!

A while back, Milo posted a photo of himself all fanged out as he was shooting Xan Cassavettes' "Kiss of the Damned". Now there's finally a trailer for the flick, a sexy red-band trailer to fulfill all of your fanfiction desires as Milo plays a screenwriter called Paulo that falls in love with a mysterious woman and gets wrapped up in the dangerous and erotic underground world of the living dead.

Check out the red-band trailer below from the JoBlo youtube channel:

Thoughts? I think it's got great eye candy, but let's just hope there's a bit of decent story to it. This trailer definitely gives me a strong erotic horror vibe though and that could be a good thing. Regardless of the film's quality, count on seeing gifs all over your dash of the sex scenes. 

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