Thursday, March 14, 2013

'The Vampire Diaries': 6 reasons why new Elena sucks

The CW

After a short break, The Vampire Diaries returned tonight touting a supposedly (finally) awesome vampire!Elena. Ever since she's been turned, fans have craved a glimpse of what an Elena would be like that embraced her current vampiric nature and had a bit of naughty fun along the way. Instead this led to a storyline is showing off all the worst flaws of Elena the character and the show's current direction as well. Here's our list of the six reasons why this storyline really sucks.

The CW
  1. It gives the show a reason to trot out the same old tired high school activities such as parties and cheerleading that are just as pointless as ever no matter how this Elena reacts to them.
  2. The brothers may get flack for being controlling *cough possessive* over Elena at times but this brought it to a whole new level. Seeing Stefan remove Elena's ability to make her own choices yet again when he infected her with Vervain and took her  left a sour taste in this non-shipper's mouth. What's his excuse that people are going to die? Mystic Falls has a massive mortality rate and if it isn't Elena going around offing people it'll be someone else.
  3. Maybe someone like Silas...oh we don't care anymore about Silas? I thought we did. I thought we spent in insane amount of time worrying about this guy, but when Stefan brings it up at the end of the episode it's certainly not treated like a big enough deal to put off another masturbatory bad boy Damon flashback next week. Remember folks if something is directly affecting Elena that's when it matters. No other time.
  4. Which brings me to the uncalled for abuse of Caroline Forbes, Elena's long-time bestie who suffered the brunt of blah-lena's actions. Elena injured Caroline and went after Caroline's mother just because she could. And yet when Caroline wanted to stop her from doing so, Stefan had the nerve to tell HER to calm down. I'm sorry but that plus the fact that the show made it so Elena kicked Car's ass even though she's far younger (but more of a special snowflake) was just too much to excuse. The characters on this show are forced to bend over backwards for both versions of Elena and it's bullshit.
  5. She's not fun. We were promised fun not a third-rate Katherine. Katherine is fun because she has passion and without passion watching apathetic Elena just really reinforces my own apathy as a viewer to so much of what this show has unfortunately become. 
  6. Less screen-time for the big Klaus sex scene. I know that sounds super biased but let me explain why this is a problem. Klaus and Hayley both are running off to their own spin-off together soon. And while we watch them both work through their two weeks notice on this show, we should be getting a stronger sense of their connection. Need I remind anyone that there was a completely superfluous Delena sex scene last scene that lasted about twenty minutes but Klaus and Hayely--in all probability the main ship of The Originals-- had maybe ten minutes combined? The episode's insistence on focusing on blah-lena's antics took away from not only a chance to get people behind the interactions of core characters of a new series, but it also highlighted the show's insufferable need to highlight Elena over all for better or so much worse.
The CW

It would do nothing but please me if this show could ever fix itself but I get the feeling they don't even want to understand what their problems are. I'll just enjoy how exciting this show used to be on my DVDs until The Originals comes around and I can switch over. 


  1. After all the hate on Tumblr, I went in expecting this episode to suck -- but it didn't, at least not as bad as I anticipated it would. Elena annoys me, but then she's annoyed me all season long. She's the Lana Lang of TVD -- the perfect emo princess around whom all the boys flock, whether she's good or bad. The emphasis on making her "strongest" is BULL -- Caroline should have kicked her around the block, but as usual, Caroline gets abused. (Honestly, what does Julie Plec have against Caroline? She's always being shot, tortured, stabbed, and staked.)

    As for building an arc for The Originals, they should have brought in Klaus and Hayley sooner -- this is forcing it on viewers too soon.

    Bring back Elijah. He's really the only thing I'm excited about this season -- although if he locks lips with Elena, I might just throw a big tantrum. =P

    1. Can't wait for Elijah to come back either, the show always benefits from it.

      And SERIOUSLY regarding Plec and Caroline. What the hell man...

  2. Elena is my favorite character, so screw you all.