Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make it Noah Bennet's Show and Other Advice for the 'Heroes' Revival

It’s not a secret that we here at Beyond Fandom are hardcore Heroes fans.  We actually met each other because of the show, and we both remain defenders of all four seasons. But it’s been off the air for a while and we both are also in the minority of being fine with how it ended.  So today’s news via TVLine that MSN is looking to revive the franchise was met with mixed emotions.  Especially with talk that they’d be looking for some of the original cast to cameo in the series.  Certainly it would be quite unlikely that many of our favorites would want to step back into the series since some of the stars of the show have moved onto films and other endeavors. Instead of being pessimistic toward this concept, we decided to try and focus on what we would want from this possible reboot of the series.

Have Noah Bennet be the Agent Coulson for the Heroes franchise

If they could have one of the main cast-members come back into the fold for this experiment, no one makes more sense than Jack Coleman. Coleman reprising his fan favorite role of Noah ‘HRG’ Bennet would be the perfect entry-point for a new series of characters and adventures. Noah Bennet was one of the very few Heroes characters to never have a power throughout the series,other than being a total badass, and Noah’s work with the Company connected him to almost all of the characters in a significant way.  Perhaps in the wake of the events of the final episode there’s another regulatory organization put together to deal with the possible new influx of people with abilities after his daughter’s fateful public display of healing. The important thing here is that if you’re going to get a former character to show up then it better mean something for the story. I love Greg Grunberg but really Matt Parkman doesn’t need to show up just to throw a little attempt at fan-service our way.


Remember the Past

While we wouldn’t be against a complete reboot, if they’re looking for cameos then they need to honor the canon timeline of events.  That’s one of our biggest fears about this project, that they’re going to bring in a whole new staff of people that don’t understand what the show was. Hopefully they staff a few writers from the original series or have writers who truly enjoyed the original.  As fans we want to know what’s going on with our favorite characters but time, budget, and disinterest is going to make it certain we’re not going to see every old character--even in a small cameo.  So I hope at the very least they won’t be afraid to drop little easter eggs and the like to let us all know what they’re up to now. Can’t get Zachary Quinto? That doesn’t stop a new character from name-dropping his current activities. It will make the new chapter feel more organic to previous volumes.

But if the show doesn’t work out...

If in the end all this talk falls through, then we certainly don’t want it to be the last we hear of Heroes.  Something we’ve been pining for since the show was cancelled was a comic continuation like how Buffy the Vampire Slayer received.  Newer fans that discovered the series on Netflix and the like may or may not know that during its initial run, the show had a series of graphic novels put together by a group of talented writers and artists available to read online. A slew of these comics were later published in hardcover collections but unfortunately when the show was canceled, not all of the stories were made available in this format. That means we don’t even have more than two volumes available to collect and that’s a damn shame as many of the installments provided illuminating backstory or interesting side-adventures for all of the characters on the series..  For those of us who want a true continuation of the story with all the characters we know and love without the limitations of a new video series, that’s the real prize.  Not to mention it would more likely be done by the minds who brought us the television series in the first place, so it would continue in the way they had in mind. We’re dying to know what they would have done after Claire Bennet took that fateful leap.

Now that we’ve had our say, what say you?

Should this happen?

Would you prefer an ongoing or even limited comic book series instead?

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  1. Actually, I loved Heroes because of Claude. But I'd like to see ongoing AND comic books.