Sunday, April 28, 2013

'Revenge' Review - "Identity" 219

This week on Revenge, Nolan gets a big slice of the red sharpie shaped revenge cake.

After a season where Nolan can’t seem to get anything right, he finally ends up on top.  Things are certainly starting to look up for everyone’s favorite tech-god when he bests the Falc0n at more than just a game of Street Fighter while rocking a sweet jacket (a possible nod to Drive) with his favorite lobster emblazoned on the back.  I loved that Falc0n ended up being a woman, it wasn’t  too shocking but it was also nice to see that she wasn’t Marco who seemed to be the lead on the possible suspect list.  It was nice to see this wrapped up in an episode but I still don’t think it’s the last we’ve heard about Padma, not with that  tape out there.  After Nolan gets to use his own version of the red sharpie to cross out the Falc0n’s photo he gets a surprise visit from Victoria who wants him to find her still very alive first born son, and in return he’ll get Nolcorp back.  I don’t know if I’d buy that she wants to find her son purely out of a motherly desire to see him again or if, as always, she has something up her sleeve. Either way with her trusting Nolan she’s exposed another way for Emily to get at her.

Not that Emily needs another open doorway for Victoria considering she’s back in with Daniel who gives her the engagement ring back near the end of the episode.  What I really enjoyed was the fact that she went to see Aidan before she immediately put it on, quite the change from the woman in season one.  Aidan himself has also had quite the transformation from the man he was when we first met him this season.  He was always quite moody about Emily and how close she’d be to Daniel, but him finally getting his own revenge has made him see the light.  I enjoyed his conversation with Takeda where he tells him that his path is wrong, that he found no peace in vengance.  So Aidan is now dedicated to being there when Emily realizes that same thing. She won’t be alone and they’ll have each other in the end.  I almost feel like him sliding that ring onto her finger and telling her to get that son of a bitch was like him signing his own death sentence.  There is no such thing as happiness on Revenge, someone will come along and kill it.

While Aidan took the news of the engagement well, Jack didn’t and he banished Emily from his son’s life by revoking her status as Carl’s Godmother.  Jack meanwhile is starting to collect his own team of revengesters starting with Ashley.  Should we trust her?  I’m saying yes because God knows the Graysons haven’t treated her kindly in the past.  Also, her bringing lil baby Carl a hot chocolate was pretty hilarious.  Team Jack might be getting a new member soon in the form of his brother Declan, do you remember him?  We barely see him so I wouldn’t blame anyone if they’ve forgotten.  Oh and Charlotte is being a bad girl again for no apparent reason which is fine, but she’s giving Declan a one way ticket aboard the hate all the Graysons train.  I really feel like the show just doesn’t know what to do with either of them. At least in season one they had something, but the teen romance drama can only go on for so long at least on Revenge.  The Vampire Diaries hasn’t gotten that memo yet but perhaps their time will come as well.

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