Thursday, April 25, 2013

'The Vampire Diaries' Review 4.20 -"The Originals"

Holy Breaking Dawn, Batman!  The Originals backdoor pilot comes with one hell of a supernatural trope that is sure to divide fans.
 Earlier in the season, Klaus got it on with werewolf Haley in a drunken one night stand, and that has apparently bore fruit in the form of a baby.  Yes, Haley is pregnant with Klaus’ baby, because apparently the magic that comes with him being the Original Hybrid made it so.  I could feel a disturbance in the fandom/social media force when that little tidbit came. out, this is clearly going to be an extremely controversial plotpoint and not just according to Klaroline fans.  I can already hear fans calling for Julie Plec’s head on a platter.  I, for one, may join in that chorus if the entire first season of The Originals is filled with baby melodrama.

Aside from the whole supernatural baby thing, there was quite a bit I actually enjoyed about this episode which I can easily say was my favorite episode of this season.  A large part of that is Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), Klaus’ childe, who very much has taken a page out of Klaus’ book.  So much so that I wish Klaus would have behaved more like him in Mystic Falls, but I suppose hundreds of years of running from his father drove a bit of that out of him.  I admire the control Marcel’s laid out.  He’s driven all the werewolves from town, forbidden witches from doing magic (seemingly with some way to tell when that rule is broken), and has daylight rings reserved only for his closest allies.  He’s very much the king of New Orleans, and because of that Marcel has everything Klaus wants. Marcel’s also been clearly set up to be the villain for the series, especially considering that the witches Klaus thought were looking to kill him actually wanted his help.  I did enjoy that twist and it also makes sense because Klaus finds witches far more useful to him than Marcel seems to.  

There was only one thing I really didn’t enjoy in the episode and that is the setup for some possible future romance between Klaus and the squint-and-she-could-be-Caroline-kind-of bartender, Camille (Leah Pipes).  The scene with Camille and Klaus where she describes what she thinks an artist is felt contrived in that it got apparently got to Klaus enough that he’d change his mind about the whole working with the witches and wanting his heir thing.  The reason I’m okay with the baby twist is because Klaus honestly doesn’t give a shit about Hayley and I could deal with that relationship possibly changing.  But why does everyone need a fucking love interest?  It’s one thing I was hoping wouldn’t be as present in The Originals as it currently is The Vampire Diaries.  But because Julie Plec is heading the charge, that’s clearly not going to be the case here.

There were a few other scenes that were setting up next week’s episode where the brothers torture the hell out of Elena to try and bring back her emotions.  As the weeks go on however, I’m liking this new Elena a hell of a lot more than I used to. This entire ordeal is really only making me hate the Salvatores.  I wish that they would do as they did on True Blood last season and have Elena just drop both Salvatores.  That made season five of that series so enjoyable for me, because it wasn’t about the love triangle of Bill, Sookie, and Eric.  As far as The Vampire Diaries goes I’m not that optimistic they’d do the same. I’m sure she’ll be back to her normal self by the season’s end (but hopefully not human again...ugggh) and we can spend the whole of next season bored as Hell while she bounces back and forth between the parallel sides of the Salvatore brothers love triangle.  .  


  1. Loved Marcel. He's absolutely fantastic.

    Loved Elijah, even though he seems to have forgotten that just last week he was BEGGING his brother for a chance with Katherine -- and now he turns around and leaves her to look after the preggers werewolf chick. At least he tore out a couple of hearts.

    The baby thing? It sucked on Angel. It ruined the Twilight franchise. In no way can this help The Originals be awesome.

    Most of this season has been horrible -- just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... it did.

  2. Honestly i would put up with the caroline look alike...but this baby bullshit...
    NO ONE, not just the KC fans,

    1. I have never seen the fandom so united against this! The only way I would keep watching this show is if the Hayley/baby plot line disappeared.

  3. The only good part about this episode was Klaus´ 20 second phone call to Caroline which she didn´t even answer. And the scenes with Marcel were pretty good! Camille is irrelevant and a Caroline look alike. The entire fandom also hates this whole hayley thing. we want action, not another pregnancy tv show. Thats what MTV is for.