Thursday, April 18, 2013

'The Vampire Diaries' 419 Review ' "Pictures of You"

This week on The Vampire Diaries, we are subjected to our very last school dance: Senior Prom!  
Let’s be real, it’s not going to be the last dance because they will find a reason for a dance or a party in college or whatever, they can’t survive without one.  At least Caroline can’t as she had seemingly the worst time ever.  They’ve done this a couple times where people try to go as friends but then end up miserable. The entire message of the show is constantly that if you don’t have a guy with you at prom (everywhere really but especially dances)  then you’re going to be sad and lonely for the rest of your life.  Caroline does get a bit of a happy ending because Tyler sneaks back into town and they have a little private dance together. Before that however she was nothing but mopey especially after Elena jacked her dress.  Silly Caroline, of course Elena would want that dress since it matches her ‘I’m fun now’ pink highlights!  This episode was pretty much filled with if you ship it with Caroline you’re going to get some feels moments. Nearly any Caroline ship had a bone thrown its way. Aside from Tyler, we also had a teasing Steroline moment with them both talking about moving on and Caroline going to Klaus to solve her dress problem.  Sure there were more than Caroline ships flying around in the episode but her trio stood out more than others.

I can’t help but be slightly annoyed that Caroline was way more concerned about her perfect prom, than the fact that someone who she claims to be her best friend is lighting fires in her sleep.  No one is giving more than a line’s care to Bonnie’s real problems and it’s going to fuck their shit up.  For one, I’m happy that she was able to put the smack down on Elena as she seems to be the ONLY person who can and is willing to do so.  I’m shocked the brothers didn’t scold her for damaging their precious dopplesnatch.  But Elena isn’t her only problem because Silas is showing up as Jeremy and several other people proving that he can be in more than one place.  I do like what they’re doing with Silas, but the fact that they really aren’t pinning him down as someone only proves that he’s not going to last the season, as he wants it to be.  Plus by the end of the episode it seems Bonnie has clearly decided “fuck it” when it comes to helping Silas bring down the wall.

The people who really don’t want that wall coming down are our Original siblings.  Well at least Elijah, as Klaus is far more concerned with not being harassed for eternity because he can’t take what he dishes out.  I really enjoyed the family meeting at the beginning of the episode with Elijah holding court to decide who should have the Cure now that it’s in his possession.  Klaus is naturally in full on whiny baby mode when Elijah decides his discomfort is not worth the world suffering from the wall being down.  I love Klaus but dear God is he ever more bark than bite, especially when he runs into Tyler at the end of the episode.  He could have killed him right there, freeing Michael Travino up to actually book pilots or be on a show that doesn’t send him off every sweeps week.Caroline wouldn’t have been the wiser.

I really hope that inspite of the Cure being bamboozled from Elijah, that what Rebekah experienced in this episode from all sides will get her off of her obnoxious desire to be human.  She couldn’t have saved April as a human, she would have just helplessly stood idly by as she died. So there is a point to her existence at it is and Beks needs to learn to make the best of what she can bring to a situation. Being decent being isn’t exclusive only to humans.  At least Klaus understands that being a vampire is a lot better than being some boring human.  And judging by the preview for the next episode I think that message is going to be on display more than ever before.

Next week’s episode is the long awaited backdoor pilot for The Originals, an episode I’m foaming at the mouth for.  They even released the promo for it early on Facebook today and it only taunted me further with the fact that it’s next week’s episode and not tonight’s.  Hopefully, we’ll get a real break from the Cure/make Elena feel again melodrama (which was so badly handled from every single angle anyway) and the hour will focus just on the adventures in New Orleans.

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