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'American Horror Story:Coven' Theory- How and Why Fiona Faked Her Death


On Wednesday's episode of American Horror Story:Coven, a shocking turn of events led to the death of Fiona Goode--current supreme and star of the season. But it all seemed a little too neat for our tastes; we think that Jessica Lange is far from through with season 3 of American Horror Story. Check out our theory on why we believe Fiona Goode wants the Coven to believe she's dead and gone while she gears up for a deadly comeback. 

There's no doubt about the fact that offing Fiona, played by Jessica Lange, would be quite the shocking twist to pull off before the events of Coven's finale. She's been the untouchable star in every run of AHS so far--even last year's Judy Martin was given the chance to pass away quite peaceably long after the madness of Asylum had subsided. So it was definitely quite the water-cooler moment to see Fiona take an ax to the back compliments of her jilted lover upon learning of her plans to walk out on him when her vitality was restored. But the problem with this scenario is that it's exactly what Fiona would want her daughter Cordelia and the rest of the coven to think. Here's our list of reasons why we're pretty sure the Supreme still lives. 

Unreliable Narrators

It's tempting to believe every word out of the Axman's mouth as he weaves a very compelling and emotional tale. You know who else has done that on American Horror Story? Well, there was famously Oliver Thredson last year when he lied about his visit to Wendy's place right to Lana's face. The visuals presented with Oliver's narration did not match the reality of the situation as he continued to cover up his true identity as Bloody Face. Going back even further with this show's love affair with unreliable narrators, back in season one we had Larry talking about his tragic past which told us how he got his burn scars--again not the truth as it was an act by Tate that burned off half of Larry's face. If it turned out that the story Cordelia 'received' via the Axman was not the whole truth well there's a clear precedent for it. The next issue to address would be why he came to Robichaux's in the first place when he's got a bad track record of getting out of that place alive...but that was exactly the purpose of it. 

A Witch's Powers Intensify When She's in Danger

We've heard some variation of this statement spoken several times over the course of the season. Recently, it was uttered by current leader of the coven, Cordelia when she told Madison that having a few new powers does not a Supreme make. But let's take this idea and apply it to a fading Supreme. Several powers were shown in the cold opening scene of 'Go to Hell' and one of those, Concilium, is something we've witnessed Fiona use flawlessly at various moments during Coven. For the layman, that is their fancy Latin term for mind-control/influence and what better thing for Fiona to use to get the most use out of the Axman as she possibly could now that there will be no more 'little deaths' shared between them? Having Fiona encourage the Axman to show up at the academy turns him into a perfect pawn for Fiona to implement the rest of her plan. 

The scene between Delia and her mother while she was handing over a prized piece of jewelry felt like a total set-up when viewed in hindsight. The gruesome vision that Cordelia received upon being presented with the necklace acted as a catalyst for the rest of her actions involving her mother and the Axman. A vision she didn't have until the jewelry was placed on her skin--leading to the theory that it's possible the necklace itself was an enchanted charm. Never once has Delia's enhanced sight showed the future before, up until now it's only been images of the past and present. So it was just a little too convenient to suddenly have a vision of the future that encouraged Cordelia to get involved in something she hadn't been. In this way, she too becomes just another pawn in Fiona's game. The blood too that was gauged by Delia could have been just as enchanted with false memories to keep the deception going. If anyone could do this, it would be the Supreme. So to follow the rhythm of it, Fiona tricks Cordelia into action, Cordelia proves to the Axman that he's going to get tossed away by Fiona using her travel information (which Fiona wanted found) to convince him, and then when the Axman comes to Robichaux's with murder in his heart and on his clothes it would consecrate the narrative in Delia and the audience's minds that the false narrative was the truth of it. Including the mention of a very specific body disposal that Misty couldn't mess with. Though the vision was a planted 'warning' for Cordelia it's starting to turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy once Fiona had the pieces in play. 

No Witch Ascended

Over and over this season we've been told that when the old Supreme falls, another will rise. They make it act like it's fairly sudden with the rite of passage that is the Seven Wonders a seeming formality for the newly anointed Supreme. As the girls found out that Fiona was dead they all questioned out loud if anyone felt any different. I believe that next week we'll see the witches perform a range of incredible feats and many of them will die trying to do them all in classic finale 'pretty much everyone dies on this show by the end of it' fashion. Why should Fiona continue to exhaust herself when her apparent death would eagerly lead the coven into the dangerous battery of tests all on their own? She can just lay low and come back when the bodies have fallen to pick up the 'crown' once more. 

New Supreme? What New Supreme?

Lots of people have their favorite new Supreme candidates as we head into the season finale and Ryan Murphy keeps saying no one's guessed it. This paired with the fact that there was no exit interview with Lange on any media outlet and Murphy himself has been silent as well. Which is certainly one way to try to keep too many hints of a major twist from getting out there. Guessing who the new Supreme could be has been the one thing this series has hinged everything on. Could it be because they're putting their hopes on a new choice when this season could well end with Lange's Fiona winning renewed vitality? That's right, that would be the twist wouldn't it? After all the in-fighting, outward threats to the coven, and their so-called 'war' with the Voodoo side of the end of it we'd just have Lange's character as the only one left standing and we fade to black. This is certainly much more believable than her character ever truly giving up and letting go--another ploy which was emphasized before her 'death' last night. Of course, she might actually be gone and this could all be speculation but...I have a hard time believing that Ryan Murphy would ever let one of his beloved Lange characters go out like that, how about you?

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