Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Favorite TV Episodes of 2013 Part IV

2013 has been a great year for television and as we head into 2014 we here at BeyondFandom wish to put the spotlight on some of our personal favorite TV episodes of the year. 

Game of Thrones ‘3.04 And Now His Watch Ended’ (April 21st)

This episode was really a turning point for so many storylines this season that I had to choose it over the "easy" choice that is "The Rains of Castamere." The buzzworthy moment of the episode comes thanks to Daenerys taking the Unsullied army like the badass she is. But this episode was also featured a major shift that finds the Night's Watch splintering and it put Theon firmly in Ramsay Bolton's grasp. Not to mention that we get a whole lot of Varys in this episode and the more Spider the better I say.

Orphan Black ‘1.06 Variations Under Domestication’ (May 4th)

BBC America
We finally get to see what Allison on her own is potentially capable of when she comes to suspect that her husband, Donnie, is her monitor. Luckily, Sarah and Felix arrive to make sure both her family and her social life in the suburbs doesn't have a complete meltdown during this. Donnie is cleared of the accusation, but several episodes later we find out that he is in fact her monitor after all as Orphan Black gave us a twist we no longer suspected. Donnie deserves a raise from his shady employers for being so cool under pressure--'hot Paul' certainly didn't remain so calm when accused.

American Horror Story: Coven ‘3.05 Burn, Witch. Burn!’ (November 6th)


The best part of the episode is Fionna's masterful frame-job on Myrtle, which sends the ginger witch off to be burned as punishment for something she would never do. The most spectacular part of Fionna' ruse was how she made the audience fall for it as well until Queenie pulled back the curtain to reveal she was the cause of the damning acid burns on Myrtle's hand. Lucky for us, witches are notoriously hard to permanently put down and Myrtle winds up getting saved in the end by everyone's favorite witch, AHS: Coven standout Misty Day.

Doctor Who ‘The Day of the Doctor’ (November 23rd)

Allons-y and Geronimo! We got the best of old and new in this Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. Sure not enough of the old as some would like, but certainly enough to serve this special tale. The episode aimed to resolve what had happened before Nine's tenure as the Doctor, the time war, and the destruction of Gallifrey. Even if I haven't seen Classic Who, it was amazing to see all thirteen Doctors save the day and save Gallifrey! Not to mention the 3 seconds of Capaldi's future incarnation of the Doctor that got me hyped up for his turn at the TARDIS console *CAPALDI INTENSIFIES*

The Originals ‘1.09 Reigning Pain in New Orleans’ (December 3rd)

The winter finale brought out something I had been rooting for the entire season so far, a reconciliation between Marcel and Klaus as they make the decision to rule side by side. It was a refreshing change of pace that further solidified that The Originals is proud to be a completely different animal than the show it came from. Neither Marcel or Klaus was seeking to end the other with both considering each other to be family so this proved a great solution to their feud. But all is not bright in the future thanks to a scorned Rebekah revealing that Marcel may have had a hand in driving the family out of town in the first place and it set up a great deal of conflict for the show's return this new year.

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