Sunday, January 5, 2014

'Revenge' 3.11 "Homecoming" Review

Revenge is back, well for a little while anyway, because they didn’t think we could handle not knowing Emily’s fate until March.
So Emily survived being gunned down by Daniel, but it left our revengette in a state of actual amnesia. Luckily for us all, this soap opera trope wasn’t going to be something we’d have to deal with for the rest of the season.

A visit from Jack broke through the psychological barrier to bring back Emily Thorne from her memory abyss.  While not as magical as true love’s first kiss would be on something like Once Upon A Time, it was still damn close to being treated the same way. Am I the only one not on board with Jack and Emily being endgame here?  I feel like, as romantic of a sentiment it would be, the paths these two souls have taken are not meant to converge in the end. This isn’t even about shipping opinions as I feel Emily’s revenge, just though it may be, shouldn’t lead to any sort of reward or peace. Many times the series has proved that embarking upon a revenge quest is not something that has a happy ending at all.  The show should maintain that message to its final episodes.

But the actual danger of the episode was how Emily’s bout with amnesia could and did lead to her secret almost coming out. Naturally if she’s going to start remembering things it isn’t going to be about her made-up persona, instead it’s going to be about Amanda Clarke. It wasn’t all that shocking that she tells Charlotte that she remembers her father being David Clarke or that Charlotte half dusts it off with the help of Jack later on. It really would be something if she’d take the initiative on her own and not let it go now that things have gone down this way. Give her something more progressive to the overall plot rather than just have her flip flop personalities back and forth just as fast as Daniel does.

Nolan wasn’t without a certain level of blame as well. Letting Patrick in so close really wasn’t the wisest move as far as the grand plan goes. As we’ve seen tonight that Patrick’s all too willing to take anything suspicious he sees around Nolan back to mommy dearest.  Now, do I honestly think that Victoria will discover the truth in the next episode? Not really, I’m sure someone will come in and swap the contents out, but this season really needs to have someone who isn’t on team Emily find out the truth about her identity and make it stick.  It feels like the logical next person to piece it together would be Charlotte mostly because the sisterly connection might sway her onto her side of things.  But I’d rather it be someone where this information is game-changing instead of providing her with another ally.

As a last note, it was satisfying to see Conrad have a taste of his own medicine having to throw someone he truly loved under the bus ala Victoria and David Clarke.  Also, I hope he damn well makes good on his promise to Daniel that the next time he’s in trouble he won’t be there to help him.  Because it’s fucking time to see if Daniel Grayson can sink or swim when on his own, and I get the suspicion he’ll sink like a stone.

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