Sunday, October 13, 2013

'Revenge' 3.03 "Confession" Review

Even with Victoria Grayson now bankrupt we don’t have to worry about the Hamptons suddenly having a lack of theme parties.  Nolan takes up the reins this week with his very own nautical-themed housewarming party and it results in sparks flying everywhere.

There were two pairings tonight I just didn’t see coming and both really work so well I was actually giddy for both.  So it seems like Margo isn’t going to just go after Daniel, infact she’s taking his rejection extremely well.  Daniel however has a bug up his ass after it, and I can’t decide why he’s so hellbent on her not having Nolan as the cover story for the magazine.  Is Daniel afraid Nolan is going to spill the beans on Grayson Global’s involvement in his downfall and arrest?  It doesn’t matter as regardless of the reason, Daniel was a party pooper all night. But back to Margo. Thanks to Charlotte’s actions, which I apparently missed the memo last week that she’s moved into The Stowaway, Margo is introduced to Jack and they get along extremely well.  I found their relationship at Nolan’s party to be just lovely and Jack deserves to have some fun in his life.  Also Margo’s sass at Daniel has me completely charmed by her, so hopefully she sticks around for a while.

Speaking of sticking around for a while, I hope the other pairing that was teased tonight comes to fruition.  So Nolan was flirting it up with Patrick tonight and Patrick wasn’t at all against it.  Does that mean Patrick is gay?  When Ems drops the bomb on Victoria about Nolan inviting Patrick to the party she only warns him that Nolan and Emily are as thick as thieves--she’s not at all shocked by Patrick having had such a close encounter with another man.  In fact, when Patrick shows up to Nolan’s place after the party has wound down he tells Nolan that he has no interest in getting involved in the crossfire between his mother and Emily. Is the ever-secretive Patrick interested in Nolan or is he in it for something else?  Considering Nolan’s relationships with Tyler and Marco didn’t exactly spew trust it would be a shame if Patrick ends up following the same pattern.  Either way when they were flirting on the beach chairs I was screaming at my television in delight and shock since the idea that they could be paired up didn’t even occur to me.

I was also screaming when we were finally shown that yeah, Aiden was and always will be on team Emily.  I’m glad they didn’t drag the is he or isn’t he out for more than three episodes because that would have been tedious.  It seems like Aiden went a bit off book in the plan by involving Daniel who continues to be the proverbial thorn in Ms. Thorne’s side.  The state of bickering between the two has me surprised the wedding even seems to go down at all, but we know it will because we’re all waiting to see who puts a couple of bullets in the blushing bride’s gut.  At this rate I’m actually considering Daniel to be a strong suspect after his reveal that he did indeed shoot Aiden at the beach house--something Emily was never aware of.  When Emily sees where he was shot you can again genuinely see how much she cares for Aiden, which was why I never believed Aiden would truly do anything against her in the first place.  And thus my friends we’re back to what the promo after the show called, ‘TV’s sexiest love rhombus’.  You have to love a show that isn’t afraid to make fun of itself.

Emily continues to do many things against Conrad this episode with another medical switcharoo happening in the opening minutes.  At this point I’m starting to wonder if Emily’s plans are inadvertently destroying themselves.  Especially considering that when Conrad was fully ready to confess, he and Father Paul get into a major collision.  Either Victoria called someone to drive him off the road or Conrad took some of the medicine Emily swapped out and crashed into that pole all on his lonesome.  She looked genuinely distraught arriving on the scene to see an apparently dead Father Paul and a very much still alive Conrad Grayson beside the flaming wreckage.  There’s also the third option that Victoria’s angry vase throwing and cat scratching got through to him so instead of gracefully backing out of his confession he decided to crash into the pole all on his own in some misguided suicide attempt..

I also think it’s important to note that Emily seemed to be studying a map while on the beach waiting for Aiden.  While you could assume that perhaps she’s trying to suss out where a potential crash might be for Conrad, all of her red marks are in the water.  Could she be planning a salvage mission for Jack’s boat or will we find out Emily had planned her own red wedding after all is said and done after all?


  1. Any thoughts on why Aiden seemed to pull away when Emily was caressing his face and seemingly going in for a kiss?

    1. I felt like Emily was pulling away or holding back, but either way kissing in a public place would be a bit difficult to explain away to any prying eyes. Not that showing off a bullet wound and caressing his chest is something easily explained away either, but a kiss would be more damning.