Sunday, October 27, 2013

'Revenge' 3.05 "Control" Review

Tonight on Revenge, we find out who the Hamptons Killer is…

I have a feeling however, if you’re reading this you don’t really care who it is and care more about the shipfest that was tonight’s episode so let’s start from the top.  Patrick and Nolan are definitely on after tonight, and it’s a union that could shake up Team Emily to the core.  Especially considering that Patrick was the one who cut Conrad’s brake lines, and let’s be honest was anyone actually shocked that it was him?  Regardless of its shock value, I think Patrick needs to start painting up the stormy seas for this ship.  Now that Patrick has stepped forward and proven he’s not afraid to kill for mommy, Emily isn’t going to want him to stick around town. So it’s going to cause drama between her and Nolan.  Also, Nolan’s already been on the fence all season about her tactics so we’ve been setting up for a possible split between the pair for a while now.

Not to mention that Victoria also isn’t going to be happy Patrick’s seeing Nolan.  While we got the confirmation tonight that Victoria knows her son is gay, him fucking her mortal enemy’s bestie is going to get her determined to split the pair apart.  Unless she’s going to vow to treat Patrick in a way she’s never treated her other two children and stay out of his business.  Does this mean we should be worried for Nolan AGAIN?  Now that we know Patrick is capable of murder, is this going to end up being Tyler version 2.0?  Fingers crossed that he’s only willing to kill for his mother and not just anyone who upsets him.

Moving along, no matter who you ship Emily with you got plenty of fanservice tonight.  First and foremost she and Aiden both had some jealousy issues to work out.  As you remember he pulled the dick move last episode of telling Conrad that he thinks Jack tried to kill him,not very classy.  It wasn’t entirely unwarranted as Emily was treating him like shit inspite of the fact she called him to help her.  I was thrilled when they both apologized to each other and that’s a big thing coming from Emily since she doesn’t say she’s (sincerely) sorry to anyone!

Emily even got to have a bit of a moment with Daniel, because if she didn’t let go of some control there she was going to sink her own plan.  I’m sure it’s difficult trying to pretend like you’re in love with someone you can’t stand, but it was great to see the genuine openness in the small story she told Daniel. I can’t help but wonder however, how Jack is going to react seeing one of Amanda’s photos in the magazine.  

I get the feeling that Jack is going to see it before it even makes it in the magazine because his relationship with Margaux is still on.  I really really like them together, they’re very opposites attract so hopefully something unfortunate doesn’t befall her. I also really loved Victoria’s pep talk to Margaux after her father didn’t come to the party.  Spend your life being controlled by powerful men or learn to control them--I think everyone needs to take that bit of advice to heart.

Crackpot Corner Update
The show keeps peppering in little hints about what’s to come at the wedding, and this week was no different.  Emily for some reason passes off a submersible crate and a homing beacon to Nolan for safe keeping.  It’s difficult at this point to convince me that she
isn’t behind her own shooting following the wedding.

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